14 effective ways for diminishing site bounce rates

  • 15 July 2016
  • SEO
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Bounce rates on sites can be diminished using few tips that are given below. The tips also help the site to ensure that the visitors stick for a longer duration.

Effective ways to eliminate bounce rates

  • Providing visitors all necessary information required by them: Ecommerce sites are to follow this tip all the more. For instance, the travel sector can benefit from it. The visitor could be researching for hotels. The site needs to offer impartial views and reviews about the hotels associated with it and help with the booking purpose, ensuring that the visitor gets converted.

  • Ensuring quick page load: Slow loading pages are just hated by everyone. Therefore, the site is to be made to run fast, both on desktop and mobile. Users have patience to wait for just two seconds for the page to open, after which they simply move on to the next one. Besides user experience perspective, it is equally important for mobile ranking factors of Google.

  • Avoiding those annoying ads and huge pop-ups: Upon entering a site, if the visitor is greeted with annoying ads and huge pop-ups, he is sure to hit the site’s back button. Web users may use adblockers, something that should be eliminated.

  • Avoiding clickbait: It has become a commonplace now. Clicking any of the links would make the visitor find the worst sites that is filled with pagination, pop-ups, etc.

  • Using internal linking: It helps people to remain on the site for a longer time period and offers link to various interesting relevant articles which would compel them to hang around for quite a long time, thereby, reducing bounce rates.

  • Not using pagination: Pagination is not necessary, since people can scroll. It may be used for inflating falsely the page views.

  • Being wary with external links: Links are crucial. If external links are added early within the post and they are not opened in new window. This way, bounce rates would only be increased.

  • Mobile friendly pages: The site needs to be mobile optimized to ensure that users stay for a long time.

  • Site design: Once the visitor lands on a site, he/she immediately forms an opinion about it, mostly related to the design. Probably the tweet or search result may have lured them to click, however, the bad design may compel them to leave.

Using the above tips can help to reduce/eliminate the site bounce rate.


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