3 user-behavior metrics which can create a huge difference in SEO

  • 15 July 2016
  • SEO
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It could be that you are taking a whole lot of effort for optimizing keyword groups’ keywords. But this does not mean that you should overlook the other mysterious, powerful, Google ranking factor, which is stated to be user behavior. User metrics optimization can help improve your position within the SERPs.

Google recently has its algorithms tweaked by including plenty of signals of quality, with one significant among them being “how users tend to interact with a website”.

Performance of Google in user metrics not only impact page ranking, but also the overall quality score of your site. Even if few pages of your site perform poorly when compared to other sites, more pages can be down-ranked or even generalized, including your whole site. There could be many high performing sites present within your site that can influence Google towards up-ranking your site in the SERPs.

3 user behavior metrics to optimize

  • Pogo-sticking: In case, the searcher moves quickly to the SERP from a result, then it is an indication of the selected result page being of low quality. The first page might be down-ranked by Google, if the user pogo-sticks to the results such as this. If he stays on the next page for a longer time, then that page might be up-ranked by Google.

  • CTR (Click-through rate): For any specific search, there is not present any expected or optimal CTR. However, it is expected by Google to fall into a particular range, which depends upon the query type. For instance, the click-through rate for branded keywords of top results is about 50%. However, for non-branded queries, usually, the top result is about 33% of clicks; second-place result with 15% and number three with 10%. In case, your listing falls away from the expected range, then the result might be re-ranked by Google in real time.

  • Dwell time: It is the time frame between when the searcher has a link clicked through on search results page, as he moves to the SERP. Being at the site for a longer time, indicates clearly to both you and Google that it is a valuable result. An ideal search experience can be stated to be one, when a search lands on the page immediately having precise information that is being desired for.

Hence, it is essential on your part to follow the best practices of SEO and perform white hat techniques for improving user behavior metrics.

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