7 things to identify within the site search data

  • 15 July 2016
  • SEO
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A wealth of precious data can be represented by the term which is typed your customers into the internal search function. Through this data, you can gain a better understanding with regards to the user behavior, while improve site search.

Some ways how this data could be utilized

  • Using data for assisting sales teams and buyers: Data available on the top site searches could prove to be useful for buyers, requiring understanding changes in demand and how demand is to be charged for those products, which are not stocked currently. Search data can be used for enhancing merchandising relevance.

  • Reviewing search terms of top sites: Popular website search terms that are utilized on your site does provide you with an insight into services and products which people look for. In case, these products are stocked, you can have search results optimized for ensuring that they are displayed prominently.

  • Timing of used keywords: Understanding when people are looking for specific products can assist to know the patterns and trends, as well as provide your site with a much competitive edge. For instance, retailers can benefit and take proper decisions by understanding when customers start searching gifts during occasions, while stocking certain items. Also, the timing of PPC campaign is informed.

  • Identifying search results of unsatisfactory sites: Poor results may mean searches do not bring any results. However, it also could mean plenty of results. The shopper may find multiple choices, making it real tough for finding the appropriate product that they desire. By offering, effective filtering options, this issue can be ‘fixed’.

  • What is being clicked by users on the search results: Chances of high number of clicks can be noticed on the search results’ first page and first few results. In case, it does not occur, it can be termed to be another sign that relevant results are not being derived.

  • Clicked depth: It offers an indication of site search result relevant and how the visitors go in-depth into the results. For instance, if they click pages 3 & 4 of the site search results, are they actually struggling to find their desired items?

  • Keyword value: Knowing the used keywords value from search box, like that are converted most effectively could inform directly the PPC strategies. Also, it can offer the marketing teams with plenty of focus while planning campaigns.

Hence, you are to take out sufficient time to know and analyze search activity that is being performed within your site. This can indeed create a huge difference to the site search function effectiveness.

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