8 essential SEO tasks to be performed taking into consideration its priorities

  • 15 July 2016
  • SEO
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Search Engine Optimization at times and for various reasons, could prove to be overwhelming.

It can be tough to understand where to start when basic SEO essentials are concerned, between local considerations, various off-page and on-page factors and seeding in the right areas, the appropriate contents.

However, things can become all the more difficult, since you simply cannot begin just about anywhere. If success is what you have been looking for, then it becomes important to have the different SEO tasks to be prioritized and performed correctly.

This is one area that most of the companies are noticed to mess up with quite often. If specific SEO tasks are performed out of order, then a good amount of time is sure to be wasted along with the precious resources for meeting the objectives and goals.

In few of the worst-case scenarios, those goals will never be met, since you had begun working on something advanced, while skipping out the basics, either being ignorant about the entire thing or intentionally. The end result is sure to disappoint you either ways.

Even though, no precise order is present for your following, it can really be of great help to have the common SEO tasks to be split up into categories, beginning initially with the highest priority.

Priorities to follow

Identifying and eliminating duplicate content: Duplicate content issues are likely to kill any site quickly. Since Google bots would be confused, you will lack good visibility.

Verifying UX and navigation factors: Your site is to be cohesive and navigation friendly. Its design and architecture should be just perfect.

Ensuring having responsive design: Mobile compatibility these days has become crucial. With more searches being made on mobile phones, the site is to be made mobile friendly, which can be achieved by implementing a responsive design.

Establishing Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics: It helps the site to get indexed accurately and quickly, while solidifying the site as real.

Ensuring being indexed: Google should have your site indexed, which means, crawl your site and display it in SERPs.

Completing preliminary keyword research: Knowing the target keywords can help you learn more about SEO.

Creating local search accounts: Local businesses can benefit from it to lure local customers.

Developing frequently quality contents: Great contents do prompt Google to have your site indexed. Also, it displays credibility, while giving the readers a better way to engage.

The above are just few of the priorities to follow out of hundreds of trivial things that can be performed for enhancing SEO of your site.

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