8 useful tips to derive the maximum from low PPC budget

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It could be that you have recently acquired a PPC account which is quite expensive for advertising. You may have plenty of dreams and plans to execute, but could be short of the budget. A low budget should not mean, your objective is defeated. It is possible to get creative even with that budget!

Some creative ways to overcome the modest PPC budget

  • Exploring Google Display Network: GDN Can prove to be a fabulous way for targeting audience while they browse. For businesses that are on shoestring budget and service based can contribute a small amount towards GDN. They can target those cities only that they serve. The display ads are to be traditional like text ads or highly engaging as images, rich media or video.

  • Bidding on brand terms: If organic presence is not present, when working with smaller budget and non-brand clicks are quite high, bidding brand is suggested. The reason is because, they are less expensive.

  • Being crafty with ad-scheduling: If on modest budget, as ads show, calls are to be made. In case, the business in a particular segment, where majority of the leads is seen to take place between 8am & 6pm, then the ads are better turned off after this period, or simply consider reducing the bids by about 50% during the specific time period.

  • Remarket: It is regarded to be a targeted way for reaching people in huge numbers, having expressed their interest already in the business, by visiting the official site. Such warmer leads are not to be allowed to forget the business, once they leave the site GDN remarketing does offer fabulous and cost effective results.

  • Negate: Negative keywords are commonly used for controlling the budget, once the campaign has been launched. However, if are familiar with the particular segment that you are tapping, then why wait? You should try launching using robust negative keywords, be psychotic with the search term reviews and negate quickly.

  • Considering shared budgets: It permits you to have your whole budget to be shared over the multiple campaigns, thereby providing all with an opportunity. If the intention is to stretch the budget, then shared budgets can prove to be an interesting option availed.

What you require is a little bit understanding, expertise and creativity to help your business achieve immense success with PPC, although with modest budget.

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