Boosting SEO performance with easy to use and quick interaction hacks

  • 15 July 2016
  • SEO
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It is based upon several metrics and factors that Google has its rankings formulated. User experience is getting increasingly crucial. Therefore, you site is required to engage continuously and satisfy users, for making their web journey fulfilling and satisfactory.

It is by measuring the user interaction signals, having them analyzed and acting upon analysis that users can be satisfied. In this manner, continual improvements can be made to the site and how users tend to interact. At times, such changes could be significant, while other times, it could be simply like changing the page date.

Hacks’ here are regarded to be simple, ethical and actionable optimizations that can be implemented by everyone for boosting their SEO performance.

Highly beneficial and easy ‘hacks’

  • Including in the metadata, clear call-to-action: The CTA can be termed to be a prompt for getting the user to get engaged in a specific way, like making purchases. It can become real tough for getting the users to c lick on the site without proper CTA in the metadata. The CTA is to have simple, focused verb, whose simplicity can prove to be beneficial. Your click-through rate can be increased significantly.

  • Using figures within the metadata: Numbers are known to be eye-catching and can be effectively used for luring users. It would be useful to have numerical values included in the metadata like percentage, price, data, etc., which can indeed create a huge difference to the click-through rates.

  • Playing to your brand’s advantages and USPs: Without making people to become aware about your brand’s USP, emerging a winner in the increasingly competitive business landscape can be real tough. It is possible to promote services and products even if they are not completely unique. It is important to specify the potential customers about how different is your business, whether it is good customer service, providing high quality services or products or deliveries made within 24 hours.

  • Using emotive language within the metadata: Emotion is regarded to be a key motivator, with regards to the purchase process. Hence, handling it with great care can help your engagement levels to be boosted in the real sense. It is essential for you to tap your customer’s emotions and desires, present products and contents in a manner to resonate them.

Following the above can help your site to get good traffics and greater conversions, in a cost effective way.

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