How can RankBrain be incorporated into the SEO strategy?

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seoThe question that arises in the minds of SEOs is how in 2016 SEO strategies can be affected by Google RankBrain. It is beyond one keyword phrase optimization that one can think about. RankBrain is actually not to be keyword by keyword or literal, but in taking what inputs are provided in Google search box by the search user and to have interpreted what is really meant by the searcher.

Rather than developing contents and pages focusing upon single keyword phrase, one major keyword phrase is to be focused upon along with phrases which relate to the specific keyword. For appeasing RankBrain, something different is to be performed. Keyword research is to be undertaken, however, rather than having short article created which focuses simply on goal setting, a complex content piece is to be developed to cover several objectives, right from setting of goals to achieving them. Using the two free and favorite tools namely, Google Search and AdWords Keyword Planner, all required bullet points can be had.

Step by step procedure to follow

  • Beginning with AdWords Keyword Planner of Google: It needs to be started with a different mind frame. Single keyword phrase targeting a single page is not what is being searched after. Rather, multiple keyword phrases are being searched for a single page. The following is to be looked at when going ahead with the idea of blog-post on goals. For further review, the whole list can be browsed through or downloaded to spreadsheet. Multiple keyword phrases are to be revealed by it to place in the blog post title and subheads to be placed throughout the blog post. The blog post can cover when the goals are being searched by someone.
  • Moving to Google Search: After identifying for blog post subheads and title, few keyword phrases, one should move towards using Google search, to find for such keyword phrases. At the search result’s first page bottom can be found few search phrases related to original search. Few additional keyword phrases are present, if applicable to the content, they can be peppered gently throughout the blog post, to get an idea about RankBrain relating to specific keyword phrases.

Similar to other updates of Google, RankBrain is focused upon quality for Google’s end-users, especially those searching for information. Therefore, as a marketer or SEO, the person can start to focus upon the best available for the audience which is to be derived from the site. Then only the goals and objectives are to be aligned with that of Google and results would improve drastically in Google search.

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