How can your website search results pages be improved?

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It may be that you are having an online business and intend to increase your web presence, so as to pull more crowd to your site. It is possible to improve your website search results pages without having to spend a fortune.

Tips to follow for ensuring successful user searches

  • Filtered navigation: This is an absolute must. Searches are likely to result in numerous matching products unless people search for specific product of unique catalogue code or model numbers. Inclusion of product filtering options does allow the shoppers to have the results refined by reviews, brand, price, etc. It is to assist the potential customers to find manageable result numbers which match what they have been trying to seek.

  • Offer non-product results: Many of the site searches could probably be product driven. It is necessary for retailers to cater to those users also, who looking for information.

  • Leaving search term, thereby allowing people to edit it: Search terms are deleted by majority of the sites once you reach the results page. At times, it is shown in a manner that it is not editable. By leaving the term, making it editable tends to allow the users to have searches appended with other words. They also can correct mistakes quickly if committed.

  • Filtering to be allowed by customer reviews: ‘Customer rating’ is to be offered as product filtering option along with comprehensive filter list, allowing users to dismiss quickly the poorly rated products.

  • Allow results to be sorted by users: There are many people who are stated to be price conscious, eager to check out initially the low priced products, while others may want to view fresh arrivals. Hence, they are to be allowed to have the results arranged according to their own preferences.

  • How reviews: The site needs to have reviews which can help shoppers and also influence their minds to go ahead with their purchase. Having them within the site search results does assist in making quicker, well informed decisions.

  • Offering viewing options: No wrong or right answers are present for how the search results are to be presented. Do you want to show all of them n one page, list or grid view, are results paginated or how many each page? An obvious answer here is to allow them to select themselves.

The fact is that good site search can be termed to be all about relevance while doing everything possible for enhancing user experience.

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