Classified Ad Posting Service

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It can take a long time for a website to be ranked high organically in the SERPs. One of the quickest and sure shot ways is to get your website listed in the Classified Ads. It works similar to the categorized and exclusive listing of services and products in the local yellow pages. The only difference is that your website and your business gets recognition in the online web space.

The niche market uses the categorized listing in the yellow pages and the classified ads in the online posting to directly reach the product and/or service that they are looking for. The classified ads also get quickly indexed in the search engines and therefore rank high in their result pages thereby increasing the visibility in the online pages.

And did you know that we can help you achieve all that through our classified ad posting service? With our unique service we not only help you in selling your product or service to the people but also help the people in turn to get what they are looking for.

Limited Time Offer – Get New Classified Ad Submission @ Re-submission Prices

Packages Duration Free Ad Copy Prices Order
100 New Submissions 7 days 4 £270 £130
200 New Submissions 10 days 8 £400 £200
300 New Submissions 14 days 12 £530 £260

Monthly Re-submission Prices

Packages Duration Free Ad Copy Prices Order
100 Re-submissions 3 days 2 £195
200 Re-submissions 5 days 4 £200
300 Re-submissions 7 days 6 £260

Why us?

 Ad Copy for Approval

You would be assigned a dedicated account manager who would serve as your single point of contact. You wouldn’t have to waste your precious time in managing multiple resources. The account manager is going to be at your service in order to solve your queries.

 Classified Site Search For Your Business

Another free service that we offer is the classified site search of businesses related to your business so that you know where you stand amongst your competitors.

 A Clear and Comprehensive Report

We greatly understand and respect the fact that you are paying for every hour. All the resources dedicated to you will work for 8 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. This does not include noon or other breaks.

 We Rely on Manual Submissions

Do not assume that we rely on softwares like others to make the submissions. Everything is done manually.

Quality Work

We have a Quality control team in place which does an extensive analysis of the project before delivery. We ensure quality work with 100% error-free reporting.

Why us?

Why and When Should I Resubmit my Ads?

The latest ads come on top of the others and normally expire within 30 to 60 days of their submission. Therefore you should update your ad around every 30 days.

Will My Site Get an SEO Benefit?

Classified ads generally promote leads and not links. However, your website is going to enjoy increased visibility in the SERPs and also benefit from 1-way links from the directories.