Getting to know about bounce rates and SEO

  • 15 July 2016
  • SEO
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Associated metrics and Bounce rates are seen as a way for measuring the website’s appeal and general stickiness. It is possible to reduce the site bounce rates, but before that it is important for you to know what bounce rate is all about and its relationship with SEO.

About bounce rates

They specify the percentage of people who have left a particular page on the site without getting to see its other pages. Exit rates are not to be confused with it, since it just specifies the visitor percentage having left the website from the page.

At the same time it is equally necessary to know that users may spend on the page about ten minutes before leaving the site. In such a case, it may be that the purpose has been fulfilled by the page.

What bounce rates state?

With other metrics, it is used generally to measure the ‘stickiness’ of a site. Higher bounce rates would mean, the content is not performing its job properly. Hence, as a rule, it would be useful to check over time the trends, while using bounce rates as a metric to measure specific page’s success.

The other measures, like average time spent on a page or making use of event tracking for getting to know the number of people having read the entire post can be of great help.

Bounce rates can offer a wonderful general guide, if you are eager to have people sticking to your site for a good amount of time.

What is a great bounce rate, would depend entirely upon the type of site that you have.

Bounce rate, according to the industry experts for articles could be low by about 40% and for individual articles being around 98%.

For publishers such as Search Engine Watch, it would be better to have visitors to spend quality time on the site. Hence, if a person clicks on a page and decides to leave immediately, then their expectations are likely to not have been delivered. In this case, it can be a bad thing to have higher bounce rates.

Relationship between SEO and bounce rates

Your bounce rates are not known by Google, although it can find related information from millions of sites, which uses Google Analytics.

If guide is desired for landing page design by someone, who bounces within seconds, the page did not deliver. But if today’s weather is to be checked only, then it did serve its purpose. ‘Long click’ or dwell time is crucial, being similar to bounce rates, although not the same. It is rather a measure of the time that the user spends on a particular page before he returns to search results pages.

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