Getting to know about link building campaigns and the goals behind it

  • 15 July 2016
  • SEO
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There are many who are of the opinion that in link building links are considered to be the main goal, but this is something not correct.

What are links?

They are regarded to be a crucial metric to track. The reason is because, without links the campaigns are sure to fail. However, links alone is not the goal. Links are not created just for the links sake, but because, what is to be accomplished by the links and what is represented by them.

Links are built to develop the visibility, network and reach of a website. They are termed to be link building’s actual goals.

Furthermore, for navigating the online world, links are stated to be basic to the web, as well as for ranking within the competitive reach.

Hence, marketers and SEOs are to develop links towards growing relationships, have new audiences tapped, while growing search traffic.

For ensuring, accomplishing of these broader goals, including maximizing the link campaigns, it is essential to have the link campaign to be tracked properly.

Customization and its importance

How to determine the metrics to be tracked?

Few metrics are likely to be universal (for instance, all link campaigns are to track links), however, few metrics may depend upon the campaign scope, expectations and goals.

Metrics may assist in measuring efficiency of the campaign and also affect how it is reported. Therefore, the tracked metrics are to be based upon KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and client expectations. It is the job of the entrepreneur to have reasonable expectations, KPIs and project scope to be set up and matched. The metrics tracked are to depend upon campaign specifics.

Trying to improve consistently is quite tough without getting hold of the performance hard data, which the metrics are likely to reveal.

The metrics are to be broken into meaningful segments

Three portions are present in a link campaign, which are:

  • Work required for developing links

  • Successfully built links

  • Site performance

The initial step is the work that is involved to develop links, which is fully controllable. Being marketers, it is necessary to know about having the output measured and tracked including its effects on the results.

The second step involves securing links successfully over which some control is present. Whether to link or not would always be the site owner/manager’s discretion, well within the editorial control.

The third step involves website performance enhancements, where least control is present. It is rather the lag goal, end results that is strived for.

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