How Google Search Console is to be used for improving CTR?

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Search Console’s are said to come with great number of features of which there are few elements which do deserve to be highlighted. When used, they can assist to raise the CTR (Click-through rate) on the SERPs (Search engine result pages).

You can view all search queries, in Search Console, brining your site with huge traffic.

As Google had your Google Analytics search terms encrypted and got them replaced with the ambiguous, it was definitely huge pain. However, you could at least find them here…

Visiting Search Console, click Search Traffic > Search Analytics.

Once done you can derive a huge number of search terms, traffic generating pages and keywords.

Here, it is possible to have toggled between different date-ranges, filters and options. Ordering by impression numbers, it is possible to get see the posts that have high visibility, including those having relatively low CTR. Rather, what the pages may require is including few structured data or tweak of meta description.

You can go through every articles present in the top twenty, specifically having low CTR when compared to impressions, make few changes within the CMS, including making use of proper meta descriptions and title tags.

Some expert recommendations include the following:

  • Ensuring the crucial webpage keywords display in meta description

  • Ensuring crucial keywords were found first within the title tags

  • Have meta descriptions rewritten to make them more meaningful and legible

  • Ensure using compelling and relevant meta descriptions

  • Using meta descriptions not bigger than 135-160 characters

  • Ensuring title tags being 50-60 characters in length, including spaces

  • Ensuring headlines vary from title tag

  • Eliminate duplicate title tags and meta descriptions

  • Make use of rich snippets, in Schema markup form, for including elements to the results, like visible star ratings

The results

The small changes made can help to achieve several aspects. Few pages can witness small improvements in them. The average site CTR is sure to rise by some percentage, which can be due to numerous factors like general site health, algorithm fluctuations, seasonal traffic changes, etc.

If the pages are news and review based, then it is likely to have limited shelf-life and hence, go down with regards to CTR. In such a case, it would be better using more evergreen posts, which means, anything that is not any news item, review or specific timed event.

Therefore, by using Search Console, it can be seen clearly which of the posts would be performing well with regards to visibility, however, poor for click-through. Using few fundamental SEO techniques can help to witness a difference.

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