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Have you ever heard of SEO? If you know what SEO is, then you also know very well its great potential in advancing your marketing strategy. If you want to know more about it or if you are still trying to figure out the use of SEO to promote your business, you have reached the right place!

We offer a complete solution for all your marketing training needs - SEO, Pay-Per-Click, affiliate and email marketing. You can learn about all the tricks and get tips on best practices from the best in the industry. We provide virtual training with a totally flexible schedule.

Packages Price Order
Hire for 80 hrs (£15/hr.)
(Beginners to intermediate level)
Hire for 40 hrs. (£20/hr.)
(Intermediate to advance level)
Hire for 10 hrs. (£25/hr.)
(Recommended for advance level)

Advantages of Learning SEO

  •  Your business acumen and knowledge of internet marketing would help in designing the most effective campaign.
  •  You can avoid making same mistakes like the ones made by many digital marketers by learning the best SEO techniques and tricks.
  •  You would have more precision in monitoring and a better execution strategy in hand, if you choose to employ SEO experts for your campaign.
  •  You would be loaded with the knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of using SEO techniques.

We would be happy to help you learn all this and more. You will be assigned an expert resource from us, who will consult you on your essential SEO campaigns and help you in running and monitoring it on a regular basis.

Advantages of Learning SEO

Experienced Resources

You will be working with a certified consultant with more than five years of practical experience.

Flexible Schedule

We understand that life is busy and unpredictable. You would need access to your Consultant on various occasions for guidance or to clear doubts. To make life easier for you, our SEO consultant is going to be available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. IST. You can connect with him on chat or speak to him during our particular working hours.

No Expiry Date

We provide you the flexibility to use up the hours you bought at your will. The hours that you have purchased will never have expiration until you completely use all of them.

Renewal Discount

You can avail a flat 10% discount on renewal of your package.
So, what are you waiting for? Come join our program now and manage your SEO campaign more effectively! You might be interested to look into our SEO Outsourcing Solutions as well.

Acquire our service and contact us right now!