How a huge difference can be created on Google SERPs by a single word?

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The truth is that keywords, the match type and various combinations do play an important role in SEO. However, there are some nuances also that needs to be understood. The focus here would be to know how search results pages can be changed by having the search query added with a single change and to understand that word’s implications.

How there is change within search results page?

For instance, the search is to be started for ‘HD TVs’ and the word to be added are ‘best’. In this regard, the customer is not quite clear as to which brand or TV is being looked upon. However, by having the word ‘best’ added to the query, few key changes are made to search results by Google.

  • As ‘best’ is being included, Ranking bubbles get included. It is inferred by Google that customer desires some ranking type and user reviews and ratings as the driver of such rankings.

  • In-store appears only on natural ‘HD TV’ search. An assumption of local inventory has more influence level in this search type is made by Google.

  • All ads have star ratings included within them once ‘best’ gets included. Like ranking bubbles, it is assumed by Google that in such a situation, consumer feedback can prove to be helpful.

What is specified by the data?

Pulling up the search term report for filtering keywords comprising ‘best’, it is possible to have a look at data of the performance of the keywords. Approximately, about 2X of average of all keywords were found to have ‘best’ keyword metrics, which tends to indicate the below mentioned things:

  • The keywords are being responded to by the consumers at higher levels with keen interest.

  • Cost of the queries, because of the consumer reaction is much higher, when compared to the norm. It does make good sense and is due to the free market economy.

Its meaning

It is to with how robust search listing is supported and data used.

  • Robust Listings: Besides inclusion of product listing ads, your local ratings and inventory are to be robust.

  • Data use: With keywords having higher CPC or CTR is not an indication of being valuable or not, except they are the key performing metrics.

Moreover, lower percentage conversion for keywords comprising best should not mean being poor. The attribution is to be looked at or additive incremental upon the campaigns. The metrics which help the business to be moved are to be understood and the problem looked at through multiple lenses.

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