Ideas can be presented effectively with these 9 data visualization tools

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There are present a whole range of digital skills that would be required in your organization for your employees to be useful and functional. With regards to the capability of understanding your analytics as well as being fully wary of the fundamental SEO skills, there is a need for presenting data and Information as clearly as possible to your senior management and team members.

Fortunately, for achieving it, you do not have to be any graphic design wizard.

List of premium and free visualization tools to help your ideas to be communicated in different formats

  • Sketch: It is far more intuitive, easier to be used as well as Photoshop’s BS-free version, which is much affordable. Installing it can help to finish complex, however, crystal clear multi-channel content marketing plan.

  • Silk: Attractive looking WebPages can be published with it, featuring variety of interactive visualizations that are based upon data-sets. It can exist in the form of standalone pages, linking to own site for providing some SEO benefits. It also can be embedded wherever preferred.

  • Piktochart: This is recommended mostly, since it can effectively make the infographics and data-vizs to appear brilliant. Furthermore, it is also easier to be used, while the templates can assist in achieving quick results.

  • Google Fusion Tables: It is regarded to be a web app, allowing the user to share, visualize and gather data tables. Furthermore, rows in thousands can be filtered and summarized, adapt data to shareable and embeddable chart, custom or map layout. Besides this, all data organization are saved automatically within Google Drive.

  • It is stated to have a highly satisfying meta-textual name, having infographic templates in thousands ready at your disposal. You can start one right from the scratch.

  • Gephi: It is regarded to be a data–viz tool of open source nature for networks and graphs, allowing exploratory data, social analysis and links.

  • Gliffy: Wonderful diagrams and flowcharts can be made using this tool. Collaboration present at its core is regarded to be its secret weapon.

  • Hohli: Do you require a simple line chart, bar chart, graph or venn diagram in a flash, but without any complications attached to it? Then Hohli is the right thing to have.

  • Leaflet: You can have incredible looking maps created with this tool, which are mobile friendly and fully interactive, having plenty of customizable features.

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