Keyword optimization for promoting sales during the holiday season

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Holiday time can be quite crucial for the success of any business. Since majority of the annual sales tend to take place at this point of time. Online sales have been playing an important role and the 2014 holiday season saw ecommerce sales amounting to about $72.03 billion. It has become quite clear for brands to give more importance to the role played by their sites to lure targeted traffic and to convert them into potential customers.

It is never late to have the site prepared for boosting sales. The following ways can help you achieve your objective effortlessly.

  • Developing targeted word list: Traffic can be directed towards the site by identifying keywords. Organic search is responsible to lure visitors averaging about 51% to your site. It is equally necessary to know what the customers are searching for. Using this information, your site can be bolstered.

  • Content: The existing content is to be verified for identifying keywords, which has the potentiality to attract majority of the traffic, specifically during the previous holiday seasons. The existing keyword research technology can be used for identifying keywords, popular during the holiday season.

  • Buyer personas: When original buyer personas are concerned, it would be essential to follow the basics. Using the personas can help to identify what is desired by your customers. Understanding the interests of the customers can help to identify the crucial keywords.

  • Going local: While creating keyword list, it is important to think local. It is specifically vital, if you own a brick & mortar store. 52% of the targeted people can be reached using local keywords. Such people may research products and services online, before visiting the actual store for making the purchase.

You should take keywords from every area and have them compiled into a list. The words that you do not have relevant or poor contents are to be identified. Then, these keywords can be used for updating existing material or develop holiday centric contents.

The content is to be formatted appropriately for ranking well in the search engine. At the same time, it is to encourage the potential customers to convert, like compelling product descriptions.

After a new page is posted, several weeks may pass before it is crawled by Google Spiders, to influence ranking. Ranking within the first SERP is crucial for a vital holiday term and this step needs to be handled at the earliest to maximize exposure.

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