Local Search Optimization

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Can your business be found as people search?

Do you struggle to get to the top place on the regular search result page?

The most ethical solution to all of your problems is local search optimization. Obtaining it is a necessity for every business owner. The days where your customers would search your business up in the yellow pages are long gone.

One of the best ways to generate local quality traffic is to get your site listed in the local search directories. This method can also ensure a great spot on search engine rankings for major search engines like Google. Google will most likely show results from local websites on searches with a 'strong local intent'. However, having your website optimized locally is still needed to ensure a good place on the search engine result pages. Having quality links coming from local search aggregators is still needed. It's common for local businesses to be shown on the high ranks of search engine results with address markers included to ensure more clicks.

Major Benefits of local Search Engine Optimization:

  • Better quality traffic from websites that list local businesses
  • Better presence and visibility on Google Maps
  • Quality links that point towards your website
  • Increase in customer awareness and brand popularity

Our local search aggregators plus the right experience and manual and natural process is what ensures the best and the right results. Our efforts include obeying the local listing sites official guidelines. This makes for quality submission excellent and therefore guaranteed results.

Local SEO Packages:

Monthly Local Search Optimization Packages - Exclusively for US, UK, Canada & Australia

Monthly Activities Local Basic Local Advance
No. of Local Directory Submissions 10 20
No. of Guaranteed Local Business Listings / Citations 5 10
Local Listing Optimization with Photos, Videos, Coupons etc.
Video Slideshow Creation (quarterly)
On-page Optimization Tweaks for Local Search
Quality Reviews 1 2
Listing Update
Comprehensive Monthly Report
Investment per Month £195 £240
Now save 10% off 3 month subscriptions £350 £640

Once off Local Listing Packages

UK Local Business Listing Turnaround Price Order
25 Guaranteed Local Listings 7 days £120
50 Guaranteed Local Listings 10 days £195
US Local Business Listing      
25 Guaranteed Local Listings 7 days £120
50 Guaranteed Local Listings 10 days £195
Canada Local Business Listing      
25 Guaranteed Local Listings 7 days £120
50 Guaranteed Local Listings 10 days £130
Australia Local Business Listing      
25 Guaranteed Local Listings 7 days £120/td>
50 Guaranteed Local Listings 10 days £195

Contact us. If you're searching for local listing services for your country which is not listed in here, we are going to contact you when we opened the possibility of offering that service within the next 24 hours.


Can you please give me some examples of those local search sites?

Here is a list of some of the leading local search aggregators:
Local.com <http://www.local.com/>, Google Local Business Center <http://www.google.com/local/add>, SuperPages <http://www.superpages.com/>, Yelp <http://www.yelp.com/>, Gumtree <http://www.gumtree.com/> etc.

How does the process work or what type of listings you will do on my behalf?

Our database contains data on countries and their particular quality local listing business websites that allow free listing. A local listing project details form  needs to be filled out and then sent back to us for us to carry on with the project.

What if I have already listed in other local sites?

We will disregard those sites. All you need to do is give us the list of websites where you are listed. We may also help optimize your listing for maximum exposure.

P.S. Should you have any other queries or want to ensure that this is suitable for your business, please reach us through info@seo-manager.co.uk