New features launched by Google AdWords for maps and mobile ads

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Recently, new features and tools have been added by Google to AdWords for addressing specifically consumer shift to the mobile platform.

It was at the recently held Google Performance Summit that the announcement had been made about the additions and changes made, which also included expansion of description lines, as well as responsive display ads for fitting various formats and devices, plenty of custom bidding options, pilot features created exclusively for Google Maps allowing advertisers to have more information introduced with regards to their businesses.

More than a trillion searches are being made annually on Google, of which over half of it is done on the mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones contribute over half of the web traffic.

Getting to know the new features introduced

  • Responsive display ads: Mobile consumers have been presently availing information from mobile sites, videos and apps. However, for marketers, an ongoing challenge exists for developing ads for fitting devices of all formats and sizes. Responsive display ads is a new tool introduced by Google for assist advertisers to have ads developed for countering various sizes, shapes and content across apps and site counting over 2 million on the GDN (Google Display Network). This way, display ads are no longer required to be resized. Google will find it sufficient with a URL, image, description and headlines for automatically designing the responsive ads.

  • Text ads expanded for mobile first world: Google had eliminated right hand side ads this February on desktop for enhancing consistency across all devices. It also has its offering around smartphone screen devices to be optimized. There are talks of AdWords prominent headlines to be increased to about two-30 character headers from one 25 character header, thereby giving advertisers a good amount of room for having their services and products explained before the link is clicked by the consumers. Moreover, from the two 35 character description, the lines are to be increased to a single consolidated 80 character one.

  • Making adjustments for the different device types: Advertisers would be allowed by AdWords to have individual bid adjustments set for every device type available like tablet, desktop and mobile. With every device, the previously followed process was manual that was embedded into the ad campaigns making use of Enhanced Campaigns tool of Google. Currently base keyword can be ‘anchored’ by advertisers to the device, which is regarded to by the business to be valuable and have bid adjustments set for other devices. It is up to +900% that bids could be adjusted.

The above are some of the exciting features offered by Google to advertisers.

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