Pay for Performance SEO Package

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If you are thinking of restarting your SEO or starting one out of scratch but doubt the possible return of investment, then worry no more since you can now do these things without a huge starting budget. You can now accommodate your budget depending on how your website performs. This is made possible by our Pay for Performance Package. We can help your website improve its organic ranking with the help of our custom made SEO strategies. Your payment will depend on how your website rank has improved and maintained the top position on Google search ranking!

The main advantage that you'll receive from this package is that constraint in your budget won't limit our activities, unlike traditional SEO plans. When selecting our pay on result model, your desire to achieve the biggest result is guaranteed as you allow us to give our best in aiding you all throughout the entire process. You won't pay more unless you get more, it's a win - win situation.

Current Google Ranking Pricing Monthly Recurring Cost to Maintain Ranking
100 to 51 positions
  £5 per keyword for getting a keyword under Top   100 position if it is not ranking anywhere
50 to 41 positions
  £10 per keyword for getting a keyword within 50   to 41 positions
40 to 31 positions
  £20 per keyword for getting a keyword within 40   to 31 positions
30 to 21 positions
  £25 per keyword for getting a keywords within 30   to 21 positions
20 to 16 positions
  £30 per keyword for getting a keyword within 20   to 16 positions
£10 per keyword
15 to 11 positions
  £35 per keyword for getting a keyword within 15   to 11 positions
£15 per keyword
10 to 6 positions
  £50 per keyword per positive position   improvement
£25 per keyword
5 to 1 positions
  £100 per keyword per positive position   improvement
£35 per keyword

Fee for Account Setup per Website: $200
Payment Terms: Your will be billed on the following instances: 30 days after the last payment or when your fees reach $100 and above.
Money Back Guarantee/ Refund Policy: Our confidence on our service allows us to give you an assurance. You'll get your money back when our results are unsatisfactory! There's a 100% refund on Account Setup Fee if improvement from the above package can't be seen within 45 days starting from the exact date of order. A $100 setup fee is refundable if results or improvements can't be seen within 90 days of purchase.

To Get Started

Let us finalize the list of target keywords. Contact us if you're not sure of the keywords which you should be targeting. We will give you a list of suggestions and you may pick from any of them.

You must go with 5 or more keywords, there won't be any limit for the amount keywords that you can provide. There will be corresponding discounts, depending on the number of keywords that you'll present. 5% discount on your rank improvement billing if you present 6-10 keywords, 15% for 11-20 keywords and 25% for over 20 keywords.

If you have the list already, send it to us together with your existing Google rank data. We'll tally it and confirm.

After estbalishing the keywords and existing ranking on Google - we will start to move forward.

Please email to  now to proceed further.

Other Terms:

  • We won't accept a single word as keyword for the package. Generic terms that are vastly used won't be accepted as well. Terms such as "travel tips, "web design", etc. won't be accepted. The keywords listed must be real and relevant to the theme or the contents of the website which your target market could search.
  • You can edit/add keywords/tweak the plan within 90 days from the exact date of purchase only.
  • An invoice will be sent as soon as your bill reaches $100 or at a mutually concurred billing amount. If there is no payment within 7 days, your account will be inactivated and your work will be put on hold. The account will remain on hold within a span of 30 days after the billing date. If you want to continue, you'll need to register once more by paying for the setup fee again plus the last billing.
  • You must agree on On-page/on-site SEO changes in your websites based on our earlier suggestions. You must also agree that you would never make any prime changes in your website without consulting us.
  • Every content of your very own website must be 100% original and should not be copied from your website or any other websites. We would need to develop the content if any duplicate issue will arise, additional charges will be added.
  • Your website's ranking in any specific Google domain (,, etc.) will be our responsibility based on what your target preference is. Your billing amount will depend on the website's performance on a particular Google domain. Change in the rankings or performance on other search engines like Yahoo and Bing or any other Google domains will not be considered
  • If the website's position dropped from any keyword compared to the last charged position or the project's initial position - You'll be charged only when there are improvements from the last charged position or the best ever position achieved, whichever applies initially during our work period.
  • All rank improvement or positions will be based on Google's organic search results in the Search Engine Result Page. Note that the rank on Google's local Listing section will also be counted serially from one position.
  • You must agree to provide us with an access to your Google Webmaster Account - if you don't have the account, we will make one and then share it with you. 

Contact us  to get started today.


How can you assure that no tricks will be used, or something that will lead to the website being banned or penalize or produce results that will last for short terms only?

We understand that our payment will only arrive when ongoing rank improvements can be seen and felt. This is not a one-time transaction. Google won't be easily trickED now unlike before where SEO systems were simpler. We think that Google is impossible to cheat now so it's impossible to increase your rank temporarily. We can guarantee that we won't be challenging Google using any unethical practices that can penalize your own website and that we will rather focus on ethical and steady growth.

What's the common price of having a keyword on the top 10 positions?

The list below is our pricing, depending on the position that your website will get on the Search Engine Result page.

  1. $5 for making it in Top 100 ranks
  2. $10 for making it in 50 to 41 ranks
  3. $20 for making it in 40 to 31 ranks
  4. $25 for making it in 30 to 21 ranks
  5. $30 for making it in 20 to 15 ranks
  6. $35 for making it in 14 to 11 ranks
  7. $50 for making it in the #10 ranks

The amount needed is just $175 when one of your keywords makes it to the top 10 position from scratch. Note that getting there needs time and you might need to pay recurring cost while your keyword is climbing that ladder. Please check our sample positioning report & billing <> to get a clear view of how the billing works.

How long does it take to make it to the top positions for a new website?

It will depend on the keyword itself. Keywords that are too competitive will need a longer amount of time. Estimating the time without analyzing the keywords and the website is impossible. However, we can assure you that a good positive movement will be felt within 3 months.

What is a recurring cost? What is the process?

A recurring cost is the amount that's charged monthly or every 30 days. This is the payment to maintain the top positions in the Search Engine Results Page. It will be calculated every 30 days based on our pricing table.

Will I still pay the recurrent cost if my keyword is already in the top 20 positions?

Yes, since competition never sleeps, consistent effort must be exerted to ensure that you maintain the position that you've achieved. There will still be a recurrent cost for that.

Will you be able to inform me about the tasks that your about to be performed and the exact strategy that you'll follow?

Yes, our strategies include the following but are not limited to them: onsite tweaks, 100% unique content building and link building that include guest blogging across different content aggregators, domain and keyword diversification for building links and other ethical approaches.

Will I receive a response once a job is done?

Yes, a task detail report will be sent monthly.

Will you be publishing something that is directly linked with my business or brand name?

If the need to specify business or company address, name, or other authentic detail arises as part of the strategy, we will ask for your permission and approval.

If my keywords already ranked top 5 to top 10 , will you be able to guarantee a rank 1 or rank 2?

No, no one can guarantee the slots for rank 1 and rank 2.

The rankings of my websites for various targeted keywords once ranked on the top but then lost those ranks. Can you help?

Yes we can, we will do all the needed changes after auditing your website to remove it from any possible penalty from Google or to sort out some other concerns.

Can you guarantee and increase the traffic?

If you get the top positions on Google search rankings, traffic to your site will surely improve automatically for relevant keywords.