Is the platform game to be played by content marketers and publishers?

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During the early 2000s, several web based platforms had emerged allowing publishers and bloggers to have their contents hosted without having to bother about the back-end. At the same time, they were able to have full control of what is being posted.

With time, numerous social media platforms have been introduced that resemble more or less the blogging platforms. They have become a fabulous place for publishing contents rather than brief updates and share links. Big organizations like Google and Facebook are known to have created native publishing platforms targeted towards offering users with enhanced, unique mobile experience.

Each platforms introduced on the web are assuring its users with shiny, fast interface, allowing us to have our contents placed directly before the huge audience, something that is not possible to be reached through other means.

However, the question that arises in the minds of many is how to manage spreading to several outlets and the drawbacks that these platforms come with.

Walled gardens and social publishers

In June 2015, Google had been overtaken by Facebook as top referring website to publishers. Today, according to the experts is a different internet age, where search engines are dominated by social publishers as referral and distribution means.

The fact is that social networks very much surpassed the search engines to offer the users with ‘something to go through’ online, thereby leaving the search engines to just fill up the role of an ‘answer engine’. It definitely has plenty of ramifications for social publishing and SEO as well, of which some are already felt, while others would be known in the near future.

Mobile is considered to be the other trend that has been affecting immensely the way, traffic has been reaching sites online. UK has been declared a smartphone society with over 2/3rds of its citizens preferring to use it for going online.

Publishing platforms such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) of Google and Facebook Instant Articles have been providing users with an enhanced Mobile experience. Their objective is to appear sleek, load fast and to eliminate those distracting artefacts that tend to have the desktop web cluttered, for rendering streamlined product.

What’s great about using platforms for publishing?

It is not possible to ignore platforms, since they are valuable towards finding targeted audiences and to publish contents. Platforms can be termed to be rich experiences, allowing people to hang out online, deliver good interaction and traffic. Having contents posted here can help derive huge visibility boost.

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