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  • 15 July 2016
  • SEO
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On any given day, billions of searches get performed on the leading social networking sites and search engines by people across the globe. The question is what do people exactly search for? Several search engines have been offering a glimpse into the query that people tend to make in general to help discover the popular search topics, keywords and trends.

  • Google Autocomplete: It is regarded to be a popular tool which can assist with the research by offering keywords viewed through searchers experience. As the searcher starts to type in the search box of the search engine, extra keywords are provided for searches, which perhaps may be similar to that which is being typed. The algorithm of Google works towards predicting search queries based on personalized search history, indexed web pages, Google+ and user’s search activity in real time. As results provided are personalized, you might desire to have a good amount of control over Autocomplete feature, which can be performed by turning off customizations, deleting Google+ settings and web history and logging off Google.

  • Google Trends: This feature allows you to get into the search database of Google for determining the most popular keywords. Search query volume can be viewed over time by regions / sub-regions or worldwide, by categories, languages, in Google properties like images, product search or news. Multiple terms are to be compared. In Hot Searches, it offers the trending list.

  • Bing Trends: Search queries in billions are broken down by the Search Blog of Bing Community of previous year, while offering better insights by popularly searched interests.

  • Yahoo Buzz Log: It displays popular keywords searches that are performed by Yahoo users with buzz score, rank and how search volume moved up the rankings. Additional options are present for narrowing down the buzz log. This is done by categories like music, movies, actors, etc.

  • YouTube Keyword Tool: Suggestions are provided on keywords for terms that are entered on YouTube with monthly search amount. This keyword list is likely to have the valuable insights revealed, how search is conducted by people when specifically searching for video media, instead of common search engine queries.

  • Twitter Search: This feature allows you to know about the hot topic of discussion among people on Twitter by user name, hashtag or keyword. The advanced search comes with several features, of which emoticons is a notable one that is used for finding tweets having specific attitude, like happy emoticon representing positive attitude.

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