How SEO would be affected by Local Source tag?

  • 15 July 2016
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Google is said to have created a reputation for itself to guide web users towards sources having relevant and more accurate information. The Local Source tag, the latest component has been launched on 9th May, 2016 by Google for enhance Google News features for meeting the standard.

Original sources related to local stories have been highlighted by Local Source tag, which has become international or national talking points, thereby directing traffic towards regional, smaller publications which could be overshadowed by the bigger news outlets.

The subtle new accessory of Google has the potentiality to create a huge difference the way news are received in today’s digital age. As a matter of fact, it could probably the only solution available for escaping news funnel of Facebook, before you knew, you got caught in.

Facebook News funnel

Smartphone news apps and Google apps has been delivering wide audience with stories from across the globe. But news which travels through the web is limited by specific path that is established for intellectual cargo conveyance. Although shortcuts are present, news are received by the majority from various ports, with the basic ones being Facebook, Twitter and Google.

According to studies, 63% of Twitter and Facebook users tend to rely upon such social media platforms to have the latest news. Mega-sites like Twitter and Facebook have been limiting scope of news. However, it is limited to those only who visit these platforms.

Users of Facebook could view the ‘trending’ topics at any point of time. Such trending topics show the users the popular subjects which other users have been discussing, thereby determining the most important news stories. According to Facebook, its trending list is stated to be based upon an algorithm, free from human bias. ‘News curators’ were instructed to have stories ‘injected’ into trending news module, excluding stories speaking about Facebook.

Advent of Google

Local Source’ tag was launched by Google, when selected, offers the users with links regarding news coverage ranging from local news. A spotlight is thrown by this endeavor upon local reporting efforts, while highlighting stories, which are relevant and based upon geographical location.

The more optimized the sites are, the much easier it becomes for Google News to pick up them. The audiences are presented with an opportunity with this tweak. If desired, the readers could have their perspective broadened, simply by clicking the button.

The question that comes up is, Can Google News as news outlet stand up to competition from Twitter and Facebook?

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