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Tips to improve upon SEO Audits

Is your website the main reason for deriving business? Are you aware of what steps to be taken for dominating your competition? Eager to know what is to be done for enhancing your AdWords campaign ROI?

Our professional audit service is stated to be the right solution to answer perfectly all your questions. It is our Google Certified professionals and qualified and talented SEO consultants who carry out audits. Your website is thoroughly checked by them and specific areas located within the website are pointed out, especially those requiring immediate improvement. There could possibly be other external factors which might have your website position affected in SERP which is identified by us and appropriate recommendations provided. With our SEO audit service, you can stay updated with professional advice, so as to avail winning SEO strategy and to prevent costly mistakes.

So why wait? Investing wisely can help you to avoid frustration and disappointing results! Check out the below mentioned auditing packages and order any one for deriving the correct path to ensure you avail what you had always desired for.

Check List Plan A Plan B
Keyword Review
Keyword Research (including page wise segregation)
Organic SEO: On-page Factors
Organic SEO: Off-page Factors
Social Media Analysis
Website Usability
Competition analysis (3 major competitors)
Detail SEO Strategy (organic)
Detail Report with Recommendations
AdWords Campaign Review
Landing Page(s) Review
Detail Campaign Report with Recommendations
Free Email Support/Consultation
Free Chat Session (1 hour)
Service Cost £260 £400

Why us?

Single Point of Contact

You would be assigned a dedicated account manager who would serve as your single point of contact. You wouldn’t have to waste your precious time in managing multiple resources. The account manager is going to be at your service in order to solve your queries.

Track Hours Usage

We let you easily track the usage of your purchased hours and project status at any time of the day.

Absolute Hours Usage 

We greatly understand and respect the fact that you are paying for every hour. All the resources dedicated to you will work for 8 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. This does not include noon or other breaks.

Hourly Compensation

If your resource is unable to work on any working day, he/she is going to compensate the said loss through working on an otherwise off day like Saturday. If the period of absence is a long one, he/she is substituted with another resource of the same qualification. We make sure that your work doesn’t get delayed or disturbed under any sort of circumstances.

Quality Work

We have a Quality control team in place which does an extensive analysis of the project before delivery. We ensure quality work with 100% error-free reporting.

Invisible to Your Clients

We would never contact your client list. We sign agreements for non-disclosure.

No Setup Fees

You pay only for hiring and no other fees is billed.

Acquire our service and contact us right now!