Setting clear SEO strategy by adopting consumer mindset

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Algorithms are being adjusted by search engines for matching how searches are being conducted by consumers. The question is how optimization efforts are affected by it.

Consumers are bombarded continuously with brand ideas, messages, controversy, and discussions across offline and digital encounters.

It is important on the part of the marketers and businesses to have novice buyers educated upon the advantages of a service or product. At the same time, the educated potential consumers are also to be engaged with to help them take decisions related to the products.

  • Identifying needs of the consumers: An initial step to be taken is to have the consumer needs to be identified at every stage, where products would be searched upon by them. It is equally important to know few questions like:

    • What exactly drives their curiosity?

    • Their needs are being created by?

Having a strategic response in different ways is termed to be crucial. Surveying the site visitors is a better way to start off. Customers can be better understood through online surveys. Different ways are to be come up with for engaging the audience before they end up becoming loyal consumers.

  • Competitor Analysis: Sufficient time is to be taken out for understanding the offerings of the competitors, how they present and how customer journey is interpreted by them. It is through careful insight and awareness into the competitors that communication opportunities can be recognized for educated customers who are likely to have a better understanding of the current marketplace. One can offer valuable resources to them which are not available elsewhere.

  • Customer tracking: The activities of the visitor might be tracked within the analytics platform. It means in B2B segment that a visitor could be downloading a whitepaper to avail entry-level explanation of the product category or from B2C aspect, may include customer having specific product added to the shopping cart from the site, however, and fails to complete the purchasing process. They are opportunities towards having the audiences re-engaged by getting to know how the current stage was arrived by them. Having marketing automation system employed is the next step to be taken to help communicate better with the consumers throughout the journey. The system when fine tuned and revised can offer huge returns. Sufficient time is to be taken out for reviewing customer touchpoints, while ensuring information is provided to them at every point of the journey.

Therefore, to achieve sure success, it is quite essential to know how the consumers think and accordingly develop contents which would be required by them throughout their journey.

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