Social Branding

What happens if you find that your prospective or existing clients has your brand name or company Googled, only to find a negatively promoting result on the top? Or they may come across negative that could be real/fake? Or they are not able to find any or very less information about your firm? What if poor brand results are displayed by Google, however, with you not having any control over such pages?
Identity thieves and miscreants are there in plenty who for serving their own wrongful needs might appropriate your username or brands on the web. You are to take immediate action for ensuring that you safeguard your brand from misrepresentation and appropriation. In case, you are eager to have your brand identity protected over the web and are an individual or entrepreneur, then you can avail our services, offering you with top quality management and identity protection solutions.

Opt for any of the below mentioned packages and have all top positions secured for Brand Name on Google

Essential Standard Ultimate
Authority website numbers to be used to setup profiles 50 sites 100 sites 200 sites
Having your company images / Logo included
Short Business Description included (similar description to be
Used in all sites)
Including Contact Information
Public Profile URL
Including Social Links
Brand name reflected by URL Customization
Report Delivery Duration 5 Working days 7 Working days 10 Working days
Investment to be made £240 £435 £530
Investment to be made
Add-On Services
Variations and writings on Profile description (profile description would be diversified across the site) Add £45 +10 is to be written and randomly used up.
Add £75 +20 is to be written and randomly used up.
Add £165 +40 is to be written and randomly used up.
Around 25% social sites to be uploaded with images Add £45 To about 5 images
Add £75 To about 10 images
Add £165 To about 20 images
Around 25% social sites to be uploaded with videos Add £60 1 video
Add £120 2 videos
Add £240 5 videos

Packages on Monthly Maintenance

Essential Standard Ultimate
Checking brand reputation over the web
Reputation monitoring of competitors and setting up
profiles to sites or new site brand registration.
10 20 40
Positive citation 2 5 10
updated posting – inspiring/ interesting quotes,
industry related news, video and image uploading
according to scope.
weekly weekly weekly
Community followers / building management according
to scope
Detailed Reports of Monthly Task
Monthly investment £150 £240 £260

Advantages derived

Enhanced Brand Visibility

 Across the web, there is increase of your brand visibility. If anyone uses Google to search your brand or company name, your brand results would be pointed by maximum results.

Identity Protection

Profiles will be register by us across web 2.0 sites and different social media putting username your brand name and public profile URL would be provided by majority of the site containing your brand name. Google w ill rank such public profile pages as your brand name is searched by anyone. Hence, before your identity is claimed by anyone – in all such sites, you are to secure it.


Your main site is to be provided with better quality backlinks.

Your site enjoying high traffic

We assure your main website to enjoy enhanced productive traffic generation.

Are you still in doubt?

Not completely sure if our service is to be availed? Wondering if you are to have your brand secured in social media?
The reasons for the above are as follows. The identity of your brand in social media, which is the updates, videos and photos under the name does speak volumes about you – by creating on social media your image. In case some unrelated brand or a competitor begins publishing updates, photos and contents under your brand name – your brand is sure to be a disaster – affecting people’s opinion about your brand. Your consumers are clients are sure to be confused, compelling them to have their mind changed with regards to hiring your services and might have a negative opinion related to your brand. Some effort and time is to be spent to have your brand safeguarded within the virtual sphere and avoid getting into such a situation. You can save yourself from disappointments by availing brand security. Your brand pages can be controlled from now onwards by you exclusively and it is very much simple to do so. The right image can be projected by us on social media and across the web for you and your brand. This is why we are here and it is what we undertake!!
As the proverb goes, ensuring taking immediate preventative steps can be much better than searching for cure! By reacting quickly, you can have your digital identity locked now from possible misuse!