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The usage of social media website is so widespread that it's almost a cumpolsory for all types of business. You won't know where your future or possible clients are and what they want at any time. Having an official presence on different social media websites can increase the amount of customers so that you can reach the amount of proactive interaction and will keep your very own brand fresh for your potential and your existing clients. We'll help you to - be involved with social media websites - be found wherever you want - spread the word and - to be social.

Every promotional package for our social media promotion services are designed to help increase your linkability and increase your brand awareness. Do it now - your status as an early adopter will arrive with long-term benefits!

Monthly Activities Startup Advance Aggressive
No. of Public Profile setup in social media websites 10 15 25
Profile monitoring and status update Monthly Bi-weekly Weekly
Profile customization (custom business related theme, Twitter/FaceBook linking, inclusion of logo etc.
Link bait/informative article development and distribution 1 2 4
News article / press release development and distribution 1 1 2
No. of different URLs that would be bookmarked in social bookmarking sites 2 3 5
No. of bookmarks for each URL 25 25 50
Commenting to your business related blogs / forums 5 10 20
Document distribution in no of document sharing sites (1 document per month) 2 5 5
No. of profile setup in image directories and posting product/service/company images after optimization(max 5 images per month) 5 10 10
No. of profile setup in video directories and posting video (1 video per month) 5 10
Detail report with account access details
Investment per month £200 £400 £1,060

Please Note:

  • You'll see tasks for each package monthly , this indicates our activities for every month. We can edit the strategy depending on what you want, we'll ask for your approval. We'll be able to adjust everything monthly and ensure that your constant budget will get the best possible result.
  • Our services never include providingFacebook fans, twitter followers, etc. for the sake of doing so. Having a fake community that won't care about you or what your doing doesn't actually make any sense.