How technical SEO is stated to be much more crucial?

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The fact is that technical SEO is quite crucial for your website. It offers the very foundation to have an effective and efficient search strategy. It is beautiful, breezy, easy, but not a game-changer. According to the experts, technical SEO is regarded to be a process, rather than ‘esoteric skill’ set, even though, such skills tend to come handy.

The world in the absence of Tech SEO

Taking some instances from technical SEO can show its importance for your site.

  • Botched migration: It could be that the client is performing a migration, however, without availing full service, being confident of his development team having taken care of such aspects in volumes. However, some basic mistakes may actually cost their visibility and require your assistance to have them fixed. Plenty of technical things are present which might go wrong during migration like:

    • 301 mapping not present

    • .htaccess rules inefficiently/incorrectly written

    • Indexing of staging environment

    • Meta robots data or staging robots.txt made live

    • Various JQuery/Apache/PHP versions between environments

Without implementing technical SEO, your site can be destroyed, overnight, by any of the above issues.

  • Faceted search: Anyone dealing in ecommerce is sure to find it a common technical problem. How your faceted navigation is to be dealt with.

    • Is duplicate content being created?

    • Are you to use noindex or canonicals in robots.txt?

    • If yes, then which ones and where?

    • What are the faceted navs to be indexed and avoided?

    • Rel next /prev on canonicals or pagination?

    • Have more facets added or removed?

    • How to handle URL re-writing?

    • Per page how many products should be present?

    • Is IA mirrored by your facets?

For the above, no definitive accurate answer exists. Also, Google’s guidelines cannot be just checked for the same. The reason is because, the answers to the above questions are likely to change with each site, its present visibility and needs.

  • Hreflang implementation: Those who have gone international can find it to be useful. But it is not to be assumed to be a simple thing to be implemented and often is noticed to be performed incorrectly. People tend to make use of wrong codes, forget to self-reference, use incomplete codes, not include all page versions, miss out one territory from the list or forget to audit regularly their implementation. Any single mistake could simply break the whole implementation, thereby leaving you with unwanted duplicate contents and falling rankings.

You are to understand that without proper technical SEO, your website would not rank for the keywords on Google!!

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