Things to follow when creating and using images in your site

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There are many people who are not aware of few things which can be done when uploading images to the site to get the best results.

Things to follow

  • Selecting images: Images relevant to the article text is to be used. Only then can user experience can be enhanced. Using wrong images would only send confusing signals to the user. Also, the size is to be big enough to be visible across all available devices.

  • Using ‘stock photos’: Stock photos have been considered to be not good and hence, better avoided. If used, they are likely to make your site to appear such as marketing brochure for some characterless business, which ‘leverages into hot leads thought –leadership’ or simply other such rubbish things. Moreover, they are termed to be over used and hackneyed.

  • Expensive: It is essential to be careful when using any image from any website or blog to add to your site. Although it may appear that there is a copyright free image, its original owner might be Shutterstock or Getty, which means, over time, you would be required to pay up the bills for using them.

It is always a better idea to create own photos by hiring a professional photographer, who can take good quality images or to take pictures on own. Also, you can have your own charts, visual designs and graphs created.

Using available free image resources

In case, you do not have time for creating images, then you can use those easy to use and free resources present on the web.

  • Flickr Creative Commons: This is a fabulous place for deriving free images. You are free to use any of them without any hassle, as it is regarded to be an alternative to copyright pictures. However, you are to ensure that full credit as well as link of the original creator is to be given in your site. There are several types of licenses available when using Flickr Creative Commons. For example, few photographers may allow images created by them to be used by the others for non-commercial purposes only.

  • Google Image Search: While searching for images, you can have copyrighted results to be filtered out. Go to Search Tools, Usage Rights and choose Labeled for Reuse and you may find something interesting here which has not been used by anyone before.

Getting to know the above can help to get free images and to upload them the right way to your site to enjoy the benefits.

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