How your website ranking may be hurt in search results due to hacking?

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If your website is down, it is likely to bring down your search rankings. It is the desire of every person to have his site in the search engine’s first page. But upon reaching that much coveted spot, you only find your rankings to drop down similar to a rock. This would mean, your site has been compromised.

Reasons for hackers to hack!

The hackers are not interested in your site, but your pockets. They hack to get hold of your identity, passwords, banking information, credit card information to get rick quickly. Hence, they are termed as cyber criminals. At times, they may use your computer or site for their unwarranted activities. To achieve this , they have a vulnerability identified in software, create one to exploit this vulnerability, have their program sent into the web for combing unsuspecting sites having vulnerable software. It is in this manner, they attack your site and install malware or spam it.

How does your website become vulnerable?

Just by creating a fabulous site is only half the work done. It also requires continuous maintenance. You could be among those site owners, using WordPress, which is a free open source software. However, it also means that vulnerability of any type if found in this software, its plugins or themes gets posted publicly. This is where the malicious software tends to strike. If you do not have your site updated frequently, then there are very high chances of your site becoming the hacker’s target.

Google blacklisting your site

Your site can be blacklisted by Google, if it finds it to be malicious software infected. It is known as quarantining. Your site would be removed or flagged, meaning, there would be plummeting of search rankings. 10,000 websites are affected on a regular basis. 95% of the traffic can be lost, if your site gets blacklisted.

Preventing and fixing future hacks on your site

It may cost you a fortune to fix a hack. Also, you are likely to lose on revenue from customers, who may be afraid or simply unable to access your site. It does take a good amount of time and professional assistance to unravel the mystery of the malware code, rebuild or rescue your content and to de-blacklist.

For preventing future hacks, your site needs to be frequently updated, which has been found to be quite effective. Also, your site is to be regularly taken backups.

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