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The world is shrinking day by day. All thanks to technology which is growing at an increasingly faster rate every day. The World Wide Web has taken control of every aspect of the man's life. WordPress helps the traffic of World Wide Web by directing it to the appropriate site. It achieves this by making each individual site that uses this software presentable and bringing in one way backlinks. In 2011, more than 156 million public blogs were online with more coming to life every day. WordPress has become the most famous CMS used on the internet. 22 out of every 100 recently active domains were running WordPress by 2011 in the US alone (source: www.wikipedia.org). WordPress has gained popularity over the last few years and by 15th March, 2012, an estimate of number of searches occurring every month on the internet WordPress themes that are free of charge can be seen on Google's search stats.


How can all this be relevant to your website's SEO and beneficial for you? To answer this, let’s first agree upon the fact that presentation is as important as quality in successful growth of any industry. The WordPress theme is a free of cost theme with a premium look. The cost free clause is only valid as long as your links within the footer are utilized by the users . The theme will then be distributed among multiple directories to enable bloggers or searchers to reach your theme easily. You will get inbound links every time a user utilizes your own theme in his site.

This will achieve you long term traffic of quality backlinks with a single one time investment. Choose the package that suits your requirements.

Why us?

Services Turnaround Prices Order
50 WP Theme Submissions
30+ Guaranteed Published Links
5 days £120
100 WP Theme Submissions
60+ Guaranteed Published Links
7 days £195
Custom WP Theme Design & HTML Conversion
(1 unique mock-up theme design, maximum 2 iterations )
7 days £260
Custom WP Theme Design & HTML Conversion
(2 unique mock-up design, maximum 2 iterations on the selected design)
10 days £400


What is a WordPress Theme?
A WordPress theme is used to alter the design and functionality of a particular site that uses WordPress CMS. It does not interfere with the content of the website but only with the looks. It makes a website more presentable and appealing to users. It is easy to use and does not require any special training.

How is a WordPress theme helpful for my website/brand?
Every theme has a footer section which contains links to your site with keywords. It might look like this - "Your Customized Theme -keyword1". The WordPress theme is useful for your site in the following ways:

  • When a user installs your theme into their site, it gets a lot of one way links.
  • The links that come in are likely to be of the same category as your site. For instance, when you have a cuisine-related website and you make a design of the theme for foodies, restaurants, etc., they are most likely to make food related articles and you'll get lots of niche incoming links instantly.
  • Lastly, if your theme is featured in some famous directory such as WordPress theme directory <http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/> (click on any WP theme there and see the download stats) you are potentially going to get a good number of ethical backlinks on a day to day basis.

Can a user remove my website´s links from the footer?
Time is money and for people that are looking to get their work done quickly it is imperative that a faster process is used. Modifying a footer section is an extensive process that requires development knowledge and ample time for it to be fully operational. It would be wiser to code for a whole new theme instead. It is clearly stated under the terms or license section that a legal action can be taken against the one who violates the following- "You can freely use, distribute, copy, and transmitt the work as long as you are keeping the footer links as is."

Where is my theme submitted?
Your theme will be submitted to different WordPress theme forums and aggregators which allow bloggers to download the required themes for free.

How to track use of my theme?
As a theme is integrated into a website or a blog, the links will start coming in from various domains. You can check these incoming links using a backlink checking tool like Google Webmaster Tools.

How can I give the theme for distribution?
If you need us to distribute your theme, kindly use our WordPress Theme Submission Form </WP%20Theme%20Submission.doc> to provide us the required details. You can also ask us to create the design or do modifications of your theme at $99.